About Benkyo Player Ltd

Our Mission

We are passionate about making tools to help people study easily and more productively online. Our current focus is on video learning because that's the core of many online programs and current video players do not fit into the era of online learning anymore. To solve this problem, we made two different interactive video players for online learning.
Benkyo Player
Video subtitle search for MOOC(Massively Open Online Course)s. We index video subtitles of existing online courses (Coursera, Udacity, edX, etc) and add interactive search so that you can find the topic you are looking for quickly. The target users are for higher education and corporate training.
StepUp.io turns your favorite videos into learning apps. You can loop part of your videos step by step, go to next step when you master it, then "step up" to practice the combination of multiple steps. The target users are for kids, teenagers, hobbyists, and language learners.



Our company is funded by Bethanal Green Ventures, the seed accelerator program for social good, and Nominet Trust through their Social Tech, Social Change challenge, in partnership with Founders Forum for Good.
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